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Had she been in their bedroom at the back of their Saskatoon Drive home, she may not have heard the cries for help of the young woman who became the victim of the first known chat with random ppl attack to take place within the town. She opened the front door to find the young woman being attacked by the bear at the base of the short set of stairs that lead to her entrance. Wood tried hitting the bear with a boot.

Woman At Hay River

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At approximately a. RCMP arrived to find an injured female youth.

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A Hay River female has been injured in what is being described as a bear attack in chat washington dc early morning hours of Oct. Ross Potter, the director of protective services with the Town of Hay River, confirmed that the attack occurred. Potter was limited in what he could say about the incident, including on the injuries suffered by roulette chats victim.

Plus, he said the victim has medevaced out of Hay River for treatment, although he was unaware if that was to Yellowknife or Edmonton. Potter said to the best of his knowledge only one person was involved in the incident.

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Potter called the incident very concerning. Potter said people need to be aware that bears are still out, and they should use appropriate precautions.

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