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By Chris Potter. Of all of the ethnic groups that have settled in Pittsburgh, few are as mysterious as the Carpatho-Rusyns. So convoluted is their history, so mysterious their origins, that many Rusyns are mysteries even to themselves. No one even knows precisely how many Rusyns there are -- though some estimate their s at 2 million -- in part because Rusyn identity has been suppressed for centuries. It's not just possible to work alongside a Rusyn without knowing it; it's possible for the Rusyn not to know it, either. What we can say is this: Chat rulet 18 -- also known as Ruthenians, Rusins, Rusnaks and Ruthenes -- hail from a region phone chat sex includes portions of eastern Slovakia, southern Poland, and the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine.

If you were to look up a blurb about them in an encyclopedia and a sex chat des moines is all you're likely to findyou'd learn they are largely rural people, speak a Slavic tongue, and write in the Cyrillic alphabet common to Russians and other Slavs.

And for decades, Western Pennsylvania has been a second homeland for this people without a home. Pittsburgh's own Andy Warhol is without question the world's most famous Rusyn-American. But the list of Rusyn celebrities quickly grows thin. Tom Selleck. Sandra Dee. The guy who created the Ren and Stimpy cartoon. And modest ambitions may be part of the Rusyn character. My father and mother were Rusyn, As are all my relatives, My brothers and sisters are Rusyns, And my large group of friends.

And it goes on like that. Rusyns are like the Pittsburghers of Europe: nice neighbors, hard workers At a time when the world Sex adult in Medovniki seething with ethnic unrest, when American politics is seized with immigration fears, and even an obscure people like the South Ossetians can nearly touch off virtual talking friend cold war -- at a time like that, if humanity hopes to survive, it may have to look to the Carpatho-Rusyns.

Amid the bustle of patrons looking for haluski in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, I saw an intense-looking guy in Eastern European peasant dress and a goatee standing in front of a booth, having an obviously charged discussion with a festival visitor. The answer was Dean Poloka. Bbw free phone chat you can't blame him: He was arguing with somebody who insisted he didn't exist.

Poloka says people of Eastern European descent sometimes contend that there are no such things as Rusyns -- that "If you came from Slovakia, you're Slovakian. Rusyns "never had a country of our own," Poloka says. And that we just want to promote our heritage, speak our language, and be who we are, without being harassed. Like the Free millionaire chat rooms of Spain, or Jews for much of their history, Rusyns are one of history's stepchildren: one of those countless -- and usually uncounted -- peoples whose role on the global stage has largely consisted of bit parts written by someone else.

There are many such people: Ethnographers have compiled a list of free hastings chat lines thousand ethnic groups across the world, but only countries on the map.

Sexting: do men and women do it differently?

Carpatho-Rusyn history chat thai epsom too convoluted to explore fully. Plus, the harder I try, the more certain I am to touch off headache-inducing letters from one side or the other. Suffice it to say that the Rusyn homeland is, as Poloka says, "a very strategic area, at the crossro between east and west.

So a lot of people started vying for it, trying to make it their own. According to the Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Cultureearly maps described much of the Rusyn homeland as terra Sex adult in Medovniki "no-man's land" or terra indagines "the land in-between". Which sums things up. For 1, years, national borders have extended and receded across the Rusyn homeland, like waves on the beach. But the Rusyns, a largely agricultural folk, have remained. A common joke among Rusyns is that their family has lived in five different countries -- without moving once.

Unlike some other stateless people, Rusyns have never been victims of a genocide perhaps partly because eradicating a people requires recognizing their existence. But large s have been displaced, and numerous efforts have been made to repress their ethnicity. Ways to start a text conversation with a guy Hungarians tried to "Magyarize" them, for example, while the Soviets tried to convince them they were Ukrainian.

Rusyns have had only fleeting shots at self-determination. One effort to create a standalone country lasted a single day: The Hungarians invaded againand the government was run by ethnic Ukrainians anyway. Over time, some Rusyns forgot that they were Rusyn at all.

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Rusyn identity was zee chat spam muddled that originally, halifax phone chat lines free the booth that local Rusyns used at folk-festivals described the people as "Caraptho- Russian. The once-and-future heart of the Rusyn-American community is St. It's been stripped of its stained glass, and Heaven is obscured by a distinctly uncelestial drop ceiling.

But as Mary Ann Sivak says, St. John's "was the headquarters for the Rusyn people in America. No one sexy chat mumbai say how many Rusyn tuscaloosa alabama free online sex chat rooms came to America: Early records tracked immigration by country of origin rather than ethnicity.

But in the new world as in the old, they were little more than pawns in someone else's game. Histories suggest that as early asmining and steel companies were recruiting Rusyns to work as strike-breakers chat rooms for sex in baltimore maryland America. Rusyns were soon drawn to the mills of Pittsburgh, and inSt. John the Baptist became the first American church built expressly for the Rusyns and their faith, Greek Catholicism. Also known as Byzantine Catholicism, Greek Catholicism is the kind Sex adult in Medovniki hodgepodge faith you'd expect the Rusyns to have.

It looks like an orthodox faith: The services and religious calendars are similar -- Christmas takes place in January -- and churches sport a cross with three bars, and celebrate Easter with pisankiintricately decorated eggs. But as their name implies, Greek Catholics are under the Vatican's jurisdiction. In exchange for pledging fealty to the pope in the s, Greek Catholics were permitted to retain their own practices -- including allowing priests to marry. But they had a hard go of it in America. American workers already distrusted the "scabs," and as the history Byzantine-Rite Rusinsin Carpatho-Ruthenia and America says, to American Catholics the newcomers "had strange customs and were unable to speak the English language.

Inthe Pope issued an edict that, among other things, required all priests to be celibate. Many Rusyns denounced the edict as a papal power play, and Western Pennsylvania was a battleground for disputes over celibacy and church property. A Rankin priest was excommunicated, and in a court order was needed to oust a priest from St. John's itself.

Some disgruntled Rusyns started their own churches; musiciansfriend chat ed the Russian Orthodox and other eastern faiths. The rituals were similar, and over time, some parishioners got the idea they'd been Russian all along. Sivak, who grew up in Czechoslovakia, says her grandfather had a rueful summary of Rusyn history: "First they took our God, then they took our land, and then they took our identity.

It's the third generation that really begins to take an interest.

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Which means that Americans with Rusyn blood are only just learning the fact -- sometimes by discovering a triple-barred cross in the attic. It's for such baroda phone sex chat that the Carpatho-Rusyn Society was formed in It later acquired St. John's after the Greek Catholic church vacated it not because of a schism, but to find better parking down the road.

For now, the center is somewhat bare, sporting donated funerary and religious items along with other scattered artifacts. In the meantime, society cofounder John Righetti has led tours back to the Rusyn parts of Europe, journeys that allow Rusyns like Bettianne Sekerak to connect with a heritage they didn't necessarily know they had lost.

Sekerak hails from suburban Youngstown, Ohio, but she and her husband, a retired electrician, come to Munhall to help with the center.

But having visited Slovakia with 30 others earlier this year, "I will not deny my heritage now. When she visited Slovakia, she says, she felt almost as if she had sex chat lines tanbafinia born there. In a Rusyn village, she says, "The buildings are in buttery yellows, sherbets, blues and pinks.

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They are like what we see in fairytale books -- and everyone has flowers. The fall of Communism, in fact, helps explain the growth of Rusyn awareness. Since its founding, the CRS has acquired 10 chapters across the country and nearly 2, active members, most of whom live in free chat show Pittsburgh region. But even getting this far wasn't easy, says Righetti, a spokesman for Butler Hospital who grew up in an Italian-Rusyn household and still wears a three-bar cross on a necklace.

When phone chat lines in phoenix az first CRS meeting was held at the University of Pittsburgh, he says, he told Pitt it should have security on hand, just in case. But the "Station of Nations" has carried a weekly broadcast of Rusyn folk music for more than a decade.

Jack and Dean Poloka do a half-hour broadcast every Sunday With the Communists suppressing expressions of Rusyn culture, "We'd only get rich men chat room cassettes.

And they need it, because the Rusyns are a fragmented people. There are Lemko Rusyns, who live in Poland, along with those living in Ukraine, Slovakia and elsewhere. And "[T]he music is different from one region to the other," Poloka says. Uniontown is group chats for teens to Mount St. Macrina, a Byzantine Catholic convent. WEDO's al is not strong, but this broadcast will be posted online, so Jack Poloka's gentle voice will reach all the way to the Rusyn homeland itself, where Rusyns can download it and know they are not forgotten.

Founded inSlavjane performs Rusyn folk music and dance. It's not easy to distinguish Rusyn dances from other Eastern European steps, but what separates Slavjane is expertise: Half an hour after I saw Poloka defending his own existence at the Pittsburgh Folk Festival, Slavjane took the stage and more or less blew everyone else off it, executing athletic jumps and synchronized movements few other groups seemed capable of.

Slavjane has become a sort of farm team for Duquesne University's famed Tamburitzans. At one time, Catholic chat room Poloka says, a quarter of the Tamburitzan's three dozen performers were Slavjane alumni. Take Out of this Furnacethe celebrated Thomas Bell novel of immigrants Sex adult in Medovniki Pittsburgh's steel industry. Everyone thinks it's about Slovaks, the Polokas say, but most of the book concerns the family of Mike Dobrejcak, who hails from a "Rusnak" village.

And the Russian Nationality Room at Pitt? The importance of such debates may be lost on outsiders.