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Francais Looking for partner to play hooky this pm look up guy to bites

Be friends. Be lovers. Be united.

Looking For Partner To Play Hooky This Pm

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My wife and I exist in a world of opposition.

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My parents have taught me countless valuable lessons over the years, but perhaps one of the most important was this: Make your marriage a priority.

But it does mean to carve out time for one another. Be friends.

Be lovers. Be united. Our marriage is as imperfect as it is wonderful. While I type this, he—who was up until 2 a.

Once children come into the picture, the days of just hanging out on the couch snuggling are few and far between. Work nights are a blur of dinner prep, baths, books, clean-up, next day prep, and then, eventually, sleep.

Playin' hooky on etsy

While it might not sound terribly romantic, on our most recent day date, we spent the morning cleaning the house and working out, then went to lunch and a matinee. By the time we got the kids at p.

Like old times. Why not take advantage of this fact?! Museums, stores, theaters, sporting events, restaurants, etc.

8 reasons to play hooky and go on a day date

And often admission is cheaper. Get your holiday shopping done before all the crazies get out there.

Or stay home in PJs and veg out sans plans, guilt-free. In theory.

Looking for partner to play hooky this pm

We masala chat a blast just window-shopping, walking around without a stroller, and dining al fresco. No schlepping! Leave that unsightly diaper bag and emergency clothes at home because today, you can carry a cute, tiny purse! And the snacks in said cute, tiny purse can be things YOU like.

You get genuine quality time together vs. We usually end up going out to dinner for the uninterrupted quiet time together, but that can become too routine.

Having a whole day together—whether you stay home or do something out of the ordinary—is a great way to bond and keep your relationship strong. After Divorce, Finding Love.

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Play hooky with your wife

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How about you? Are you a fan of the day-date? Maddy Albert.