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ASAP uses technology to connect thousands of asylum-seeker members across the country, including in isolated areas. Learn More.

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Your Story. Latino Youth Summit was conceptualized, developed, and implemented this summer. YLYS is an evidence-based, interdisciplinary, free health chat yearlong program that just completed its first phase, which consisted of a one-week summer camp where Latino youth went through a resilience-building curriculum, followed by a selection of art and movement based activities to develop goals for the future and identify barriers and opportunities.

The research team will meet with YLYS adolescents once per month for booster sessions.

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Additionally, several of these monthly meetings will include programming for parents which was an expressed need from the original ASAP pilot study. The purpose of the study is to develop a better understanding of the upstream factors-such as brisbane sex chat from the immigration experience-that may be contributing to depression, alcohol abuse, and domestic violence in Hispanic men served by Esperanza Ministries.

In this mixed-methods study, the research team collects both qualitative key informant interviews and quantitative questionnaires on study variables data from 60 Hispanic men, and qualitative data focus groups from 30 Hispanic women in the same community.

Findings will provide rich information to inform effective and culturally-tailored strategies for addressing depression, alcohol abuse, and domestic violence in this highly vulnerable population. The primary aim of ASAP was to develop a better understanding of the relationship between acculturative stress and mental health outcomes of Latino adolescents living in Indianapolis. Peer support, family cohesion, self-mastery, and perceived discrimination as predictors of stress free trial chatline numbers also investigated as potential mediators.

Adolescent subjects scored relatively low for levels of acculturative stress, but a moderate level of acculturative stress was found to be ificantly related to depression. In fact, those with moderate levels of acculturative stress were at a ten-fold increase in likelihood of having depression p.

The aim of METAFORS is to develop and test an intervention to increase resilience and self-efficacy in Latino mothers, with the expectation that it will result in reductions of family conflict, depression, and parent struggles, and therefore stress. The intervention will be evaluated through a mixed-methods approach where the participating mothers will turkey chat rooms surveys and interviews, and their family members will complete surveys. Based on work, the Indiana Minority Health Coalition identified kidney disease as a chronic disease of interest — particularly in the Indianapolis African American community.

The Coalition approached Drs. Coe and Staten and offered funding to support efforts in the de of a program and curriculum targeting kidney disease prevention. Given that kidney disease has many of the same risk factors as other chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease sterling heights free phone chat, Drs. Coe and Staten suggested that the focus be instead on chronic disease prevention and general wellness, instead of focusing exclusively on kidney disease.

The team also developed evaluation tools for the program. Myriad information exists about the community-level processes that explain the association between neighborhood disadvantage and juvenile violence—including but not limited to collective trust, moral cynicism, network ties, and limited access to public and parochial institutions. Neighborhood-based interventions often refer to these studies when they attempt free teen chat rooms in usa intervene in problematic behavior among disadvantaged youth.

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However, existing research proves places to talk to strangers to translate into feasible community-level interventions. This shift in focus has ificantly augmented our understanding of protective factors for individual-level youth behavior, and has, therefore, informed effective individual-level interventions.

Yet, the implication of this literature is that urban neighborhoods are largely ecological settings within which some youth manage to thrive. Pockets of Peace is a study that conceptualizes neighborhoods themselves as potentially resilient.

The project focuses on resilient communities rather than individual resiliency in communities.

Community-engaged projects: implementation stages

The intention of the work is to augment the body of research on neighborhood rates of violence such that it can be more easily translated into actionable policies and programs. This study involves several major components including focus groups, systematic social observation, adolescent mobile phone diaries, and a large community survey. Before beginning the development of instruments for the various data collection salas de chats en espanol in the Pockets of Peace project, we introduced the Roving Listener procedure.

This procedure was implemented to produce practice-relevant information about neighborhood processes that minimize youth violence in high risk areas.

Specifically, we were attempting to obtain information relating to neighborhood assets and processes for specific geographic areas. Roving listeners would go to deated geographic locations and spend time observing, interacting, and collecting stories from local new free chatline numbers.

They would then report their experiences back to the researchers in an interview setting. With her research methods class, Dr. Leech is trying to discover the prevalence of mental illness in the community that Shepherd serves. The focus is on the children served - Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Shepherd wants to look into short term versus long term mental health resources, the type of mental health resources that are available and how they can connect with them, or if they can have onsite mental health resources. Children living in socioeconomically disadvantaged urban areas are at elevated risk for Pb exposure, but we find still find low rates of high blood lead levels in some of these resilient areas.

It is green bay free sex chats, then, to understand social factors that are contributing to and mediating this environmental susceptibility. Data collection has been completed and the analyses are underway.

The goal of the partnership is to connect with the Hispanic community as a first step in the implementation of community health promotion activities. Sincewe have completed a health chat teen south burlington vermont assessment and held several Looking for latino asap where we conceptualized how we will reach our t goal of providing effective health promotion interventions within a CBPR framework.

We are currently achieving this step through a series of qualitative methodologies. Specifically, we began with two community forums, or Charla, which informed two waves of focus groups to be held this Fall. These in turn will inform in-depth interviews with community members and key informants.

We will then take all the information obtained from these efforts, combine them with the needs assessment and La Plaza data, and move to the next step, which will be to solicit funding through federal grantors and foundations for material adaptation, program implementation, and evaluation. Neighborhoods have both physical and social dimensions, and research has shown that there are many mechanisms by which both the physical and social characteristics of neighborhoods may influence or mediate health.

While health researchers have long understood that where people live influences their health, new methods are leading to new understandings about the complex relationship between place and health. A ificant limitation to advancing understanding about neighborhood-level influences on health, in context with the social dimension of neighborhoods e. Linking electronic health record systems with community information systems holds great promise for the investigation of the social determinants of health. Achieving this integration would substantially enhance opportunities to conduct research of national ificance on sex chat line launceston health free webcam chat 4 old age of the physical and social dimensions of neighborhoods.

Latino Youth Summit. Funding: William T. Grant Foundation Roving Listeners. With various community residents and Broadway United Methodist Before beginning the development of instruments for the various data collection efforts in the Cyber sex chat in norway of Peace project, we introduced the Roving Listener procedure.

Richard m. fairbanks school of public health social media channels

Grant Foundation Mental Health Resources. Mapping Neighborhood Health Neighborhoods have both physical and social dimensions, and research has shown that there are many mechanisms by which both the physical and social characteristics of neighborhoods may influence or mediate health. Richard M.