How To Make Your Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

Many men have used different ways to get a larger penis and athletic muscles. The pleasant news is, your penis and muscles hold similar functions and purpose, that is, developing and enlarging. This is the reason both your penis and muscle, due to their natural abilities, need exercises and nutrition to develop not only stronger, but thicker and longer.

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How To Make Your Penis Thicker and Longer Naturally

how to make pennis thicker and longer naturally

As you probably know, penis becomes erect by absorbing blood into its spongy chambers. Fortunately, these chambers can develop and become larger with the help of proper regular exercise. There are more than 40 exercises that can increase the size of your penis but do not be concerned about it, in this article; there are only a few of them that can help you achieve quick results.

Exercises you will get to see in this article will suit your body, and by performing them for 10 to 15 minutes daily, will encourage the growth of your penis within a few weeks.  Also, there are some nutrition tips and mental strategy that will help you get to your goals efficiently and effectively.  So, supposing that you are worried about the size of your penis, here you are going to discover some natural ways to make your penis thicker and longer.


Before you start, you need to measure your penis both in flabby state and erect state. While measuring it, you need to round down your measurements, this method if it turns out that gain or lose anything you will not think it is due to wrong measurement.

You are to measure your penis once in a month. Supposing that you measure your penis daily, it will result to wrong results, and it will become more difficult to instill confidence in you.


Girth is the hardest to measure because individuals have different girth readings depending on the part where they are taking girth measurement. The most common and standard way is to measure girth from the middle of the penis shaft.


Note that before taking any steps to measure the erect girth, you should make sure your penis is at 100 percent erect. Hold the penis with one of your hands, then use the other hand to wrap the tape around the penis but do not pull it too tightly.


There are some important things you need to have in mind before beginning any penis exercise;

It is vital for you to stimulate yourself so that both the mental concentration and testosterone level on your genital region increases.

Do not allow your pubic hair to outgrow the penis. Always keep it short to improve the handling of your penis.

Do not use any oil based, artificial based and chemical lubricants like baby oil, Vaseline and petroleum jelly; instead use natural lubricants that are best for your penis.

Never begin exercise on your penis immediately after ejaculation because your testosterone level is low and your connective tissues are tightened.

Before you begin any penis exercise, it is important to warm your penis using a hot water soaked towel or warm water. In addition, begin with light exercise to prevent injuries on your penis.


Try to consume low fat and high fibre diet. Add organic foods like fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Also, prevent junk foods, canned foods, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners.

You should also take more vitamins and minerals supplements because they provide good blood flow into the penis. You can add them in your daily diet but do not consume a lot.

Peace of minds and mental relaxation are two major factors for keeping and growing sexual organs and sex hormones. Keep yourself away from stress as much as possible by engaging in activities that add some positive things in your life.

Do about 15 to 30 minutes of cardio exercise or lifting exercise daily because they can improve your stamina, reduce blood clots, reduce fat storage, and improve blood circulation. Note that exercises keep the body healthier and stronger.


If you have closely followed this article, you will notice that we have discussed about internal matters that can aid in changing body chemistry and enhancing sexual health. Though this process might take a long period as you practice them and begin getting positive results from them.

Well, it is okay for some people, but for others, they need fast results. Supposing that you are among them, then you need to add penis enlarging exercise in your daily routine.

These penis exercises are not risky, and supposing that you perform them well, then you can prevent injuries and see some positive results. Starters will see results in 2 weeks but as you progress results will become slow.


The warm up exercise is very easy. All you need to do is immerse your penis in warm water for about 10 minutes. Well, it might be better if you take a long hot bath.


This method is shockingly effective for penis enlargement as it will not only calm you down, but it will decrease discomfort or swelling you may experience by stretching the soft tissues of your penis.


When you stretch your penis, you are only stretching the spongy tissue to enable the pocket get larger, allowing more blood to fill into the penis during an erection. There are six different types of stretches and they are; straight down, straight up, hard left, hard right, rotate in full circle, and straight put in front of you.

JELQING Also refers to as milking, jelqing is the perfect way to make your penis thicker. It only concentrates on increasing the length of the penis. Men have been using this technique for decades.

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