How to Increase Girth Size Fast and Naturally

You are probably wondering HOW TO INCREASE GIRTH SIZE FAST NATURALLY?. It is true that making love is an art. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that size does not matter. Deep inside ourselves, we know the relationship between size and pleasure. Men with a large girth are found to appear more attracted to women, have a higher chance of getting a better sexual partner, and a better chance of satisfying her.

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It is true that majority of men would love to have bigger girth; although very vast majority cannot do anything about it. So, no surprising that most men are stuck with whatever was given to them by nature. There are natural ways to enlarge it that work and you do not need to spend a lot on pills or creams.


how to increase girth size fast

To begin with, you got to be aware of the size of your girth and with that knowledge, dig also into whether the ways men go about trying to increase their girth size are helping or not. Measuring it will also help to see where you stand. Many researches say in some situations, men begin to think negatively about their girth and penile length, after experiencing some negative sexual encounter.

Nevertheless, grasping on what is the normal girth size is not that easy, as there is a limited agreement among the scientists regarding the ideal size. Well, girth size depends on the racial background, genetics, and nationality.

Studies on population-based show that girth size of 8.5 to 10 cm is normal for most men, in the flabby state. While the size of 12.2cm to 13.5cm is normal for most men when they are in an erect state. In general, girth size is measured at the middle of the shaft.


Measuring girth size is quite easy. Take a thread and ensure that your penis is in an erect state. Wrap string around the widest part of your shaft, it is in the middle for most men. Give a mark on the string with either a pen or marker. Now using the measuring tape, you can see the circumference of your shaft, that is, your girth size.

Never forget that it should be accurate while measuring. Because using natural ways would only increase your girth size by a few millimetres every month. You should also note that using natural ways, you should not expect an increase of a few centimetres in a day or two.

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Supposing that you have a penis pump, or you know about it, or you know that most use an air based system can give you temporary size gains. Well, the first on the list is quite different from the three listed below.


It is produced by a company that uses water rather than air. HydroMax models come with Hercules, goliath series, and in multiple different sizes.

Water provides more stability with regards to pressure levels than air, which enables it to be more safe and comfortable to use. It allows your penile tissue to expand more eagerly. In addition, it takes your safety and comfort to the next level and you are less likely to grow blisters.

Making use of bathmate will enable you to see immediate impact result in your overall girth. Usually they only last for some hours, though some men report that these gains stick around for days.

The Bathmate can help you to get long term gain supposing that you follow the right routine and do so regularly.

The basic Bathmate Routine is very easy, fast, and works great, that is, if you follow the routine listed below;

  • Begin by shaving your pubic hair. It is very important for keeping suction. Supposing that your air interferes, it will make the device less effective.
  • Work up to a full erection.
  • Get in the bath or shower, and fill the pump. You can use warm or cool water, but it is better you use hot water because you will get better results. The heat from the hot water allows for more expansion.
  • Fit the pump over the penis. Make sure enough water is inside the pump.
  • Press the pump against your pelvis to get a seal and increase the pressure level.
  • Wear the pump for 10 to 15 minutes.

Note; this routine needs to be done once a day, and supposing that you are a beginner, you should not do more than that. You should do 3 to 4 sessions every week. But in case you are a ‘regular’ , which means that you have been using this device for some time, you can do up to 2 times a day, but try to separate sessions by at least eight hours.


After you must have been doing the basic routine listed above, you can actually include in some exercises familiar to those that you have been doing without bathmate. Your first concern should be safety, so do not begin with this exercise.

The In-Pump Shaft Bend is one easy exercise that needs to be followed accordingly in these steps listed below;

  • Begin by putting on the pump in the shower or bath as described in the basic routine.
  • Bend the pump gently, and your penis upward. Hold it for at least ten seconds.
  • Bend the pump carefully and your penis to the right for ten seconds.
  • Bend downward gently for ten seconds.
  • Do the exact thing to the left for ten seconds.
  • Repeat the steps listed above for as many times as you are comfortable with. Maybe 10 will be okay for you.

This exercise can help you to have an increased length as the pump also help you to increase the girth size.

Note; you should only stretch an erect penis after you must have experienced with stretching in a semi erect state. Therefore, it is not an exercise for beginners. Beginners should try doing stretching without the pump and without a full erection. After they must have been comfortable with that, you can try it with a full erection before using the pump.


Another easy Bathmate routine involves combining the device with jelqing exercises. Firstly;

  • Follow all the steps in the basic routine, wearing the pump for at least 15 minutes.
  • Jelq for close to 10 minutes. Supposing that you do not know how to jelq, you can check the Penis Exercise 101 article for instructions. There, you will learn how the use of Jelq works in few minutes.

Jelqing is one of the simplest and most trusted exercises for increasing girth size, and it is a great choice even if you are a beginner. Pairing it with Bathmate as part of your day to day routine is a great way to get more out of both. As a matter of fact, men are serious about penis enlargement, the combination of jelqing and the bathmate device is perfect for warm up and cool down.


There are many proven penile stretching device, but what we recommend is the PHALLASAN device. It is the most common device we have tested. It is a special product that can increase both length and girth size.

The Phallasan device uses a vacuum technology, and it applies only soft pressure. It simply means that you can put it on for a long period of time. It is also a belt style system that can be worn under your clothes and is almost undetectable.

The company which produces the device says that you can gain about 1.9 inches in length in a period of 6 months, that is, if you are consistent using it.

A study recently highlighted the results discovered in this device. These highlights are listed below as follows;

  • Men who wore the device extensively as directed had gains in both girth size and length.
  • The most dramatic development was discovered among men who wore this device for close to 10 hours a day.
  • On average, men added 0.64 centimetres to girth within few months (3 months), increasing to 0.80 centimetres within 6 months.
  • Men with diabetes experienced improvements in erection after using the device.

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Most penis pumps girth results are temporary, but the Bathmate is different. You can get permanent girth gains with Bathmate, but that is if you are consistent.

Supposing that you use Bathmate inconsistently, your gains will never be permanent. You will often discover that your girth drops back down to normal within a few hours, but in some situations it takes longer time to drop, even up to a couple of days.

On the other hand, supposing that you use Bathmate consistently, you should experience a permanent girth gains. When we talk of consistency, we mean using it 4 to 5 times every week for up to a year.

You will discover all kinds of figures from minimal to great increase, but it is better you keep your expectations realistic. As you approach the end of 12 months, you should probably expect to add around half an inch permanently to your girth, though it could range between half an inch and one inch.

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