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New Zealand Woman's Weekly. Or at least she thought so — until she met Mark.

Australian Cheating Wives

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Infidelity is commonly defined as being unfaithful in a married or committed relationship.

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By Melbourne Investigations Reading time: 3 minutes. Conventional wisdom tells us onine sex chat men are more likely to cheat on their spouse. We tend to pin the blame on men for affairs.

The stereotype is that men poly chat rooms a higher sex drive and more willingness to cheat. The s got even higher for some age groups. Women between the ages of 18 and 29 had affairs even more often than men in the same age group. They are just as capable of adultery as their male counterparts.

This may be the case in some instances, but hamilton chat women can have other motives. It can be because they are not having their needs and desires met by their spouse. According to Dr Frances Praver, wives have affairs when they feel unfulfilled and frustrated in their marriage. This le them to find what they need chat line orlando fl someone else.

Few women who have affairs report feeling love for the men they cheat with. They may instead be looking for empowerment or satisfaction.

It makes sense. But a deeper purpose could be underneath.

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One researcher has found that most wives having affairs actually love their husbands. In fact, some of those women began cheating to save their marriage. These women were not having their physical needs met by their husband. Finding text message chatting with another man can mean some women stay in their marriage.

The red flags of infidelity

But some wives may find cheating helps deal with marital resentment and frustration. Some husbands who contact Melbourne Investigations are in a state of shock.

They thought they knew their partner well. Sadly, you may not notice when an affair starts between your partner and someone else. You could have been distracted by stress, work or children.

She could just be really good at covering her tracks. Thinking your wife is having an affair is a shattering experience. If you suspect your wife is having an affair, consider hiring an Australian private eye. We can help. The cheating investigators at Melbourne Investigations are experienced.

Your wife will never know she is being followed. We will free phone sex chat room out where she goes and who she meets.

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Our female private investigator is genuine and easy to talk to. We make sure our customers feel cared for and respected.

Service Agreement Privacy and Cookies. Investigation company licence S. Copyright Melbourne Investigations Pty Ltd. Phosphor icons under The MIT. Please leave this field empty. Australian free online web chat do have affairs, and the reasons they cheat may come as a surprise. Table of contents.

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