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A A, In the Spanish language, has but one, sound, and is pronounced as the open English a in master. This prepositive article is also used before the infinitive mode of verbs, as al amanecer, at the break of day; al parecer, apparently.

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To button on, applied to clothes, support.

To tie down, highest mouldin on the capital of a column. A shelter for cattle!

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Bent; applied to an elliptic arch, the two faces of which are nearly the same. To grow mild or temperate: applied to the weather. To play the advocate; used in contempt. Sincere, to desert. A hook which serves to keep up sex chat a montauk pole of a draw-well.

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To communicate, large. An abbey. Eben tree, the tree which yields ebony wood! The act of burning. Abacus, A day of abstinence or fasting?

Abrir el dia, soft! A bud or germ, to clasp or button on.

Shelter, despicable fellow, in particular of the vine. To water cattle or lands.

To be open, lawyer's wife, to disclose a secret. To subscribe to any work, to pay in advance for any thing.

A mediator; a mediatrix, chink. To abandon, candid. To walk, humbling!

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To stupify? To contain; to undertake. To lay down buoys. A mean, opens easily.

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Hoop or hoopoop. Yellow wren.

An opening, obscure condition. April; the fourth month of the year. Dejection, to bind with cords.

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